About us

Jamaica Coffee Corporation Srl is proud to present the Essence of Coffee.

The history of this company is deeply rooted in very far lands.
It's born, indeed, from the big love of its founder, for the quality of Arabic and most of all of the Jamaican coffees, which can enjoy the royal families and the most needy experts, who look for the best, whatever the price is.
Hence the decision to give the society the name “Jamaica Coffee Corporation “ and to commercialise and spread out only the best Arabic coffee in the world.

Maestro Clemente's long experience and passion to look for the real coffee flavour and fragrance brought him to enhance furtherly these elements with a balanced and essential toasting.
In this way the purest coffees like the Jamaica Blue Mountain 100%, the Arabic 100% Speciality Coffee, the Café do Brasil 100% and the water decaffeinated Arabic were born.
For the Espresso lovers a blend of 100% of Arabic coffees has been created, this last being composed of the best selections of Arabic coffees.

The magnificent texture and unique structure melt into precious cocoa and candied orange effluvia, and dissolve into particularly persistent ginger properties.
A cup of this coffee at the pub, at the restaurant or also at home, can give the real experts an enthousiasting bouquet of perfumes, flavors and sensations, for a drop of balance and harmony.
“Jamaica Coffee Corporation" is not only coffee: it's a life philosophy, the one to know how to taste good things, the best things, those that only real lovers can appreciate!"
( Maestro Clemente )

Why a DNA analysis on coffee?

Normally coffee is sold already toasted and often ground, and the consumer is obliged to trust what he reads on the label. The same sector operators are obliged to toast, grind and taste the coffee in the cup to evaluate the green quality bought.

The DNA analysis aimed at the correct identification of the coffee sample can solve any doubt, offering an undeniable fact.
Willing to give their clients the absolute assurance to buy a quality coffee, the Jamaica Coffee Corporation has relied for some years on DNA ANALYTICA from the University of Trieste (now Demus Spa), to analyse and certify, basing on the DNA study, its valuable blendings.

Presenting the DNA ANALYTICA logo means giving their own blend an added value. The mission is reflected in the protection of coffee buyers and consumers thanks to the comparison among the green coffee samples and the check of the varietal origin.
Two facts that -if you are a caféholder- should let you think about.
If you wished to be "special" and could say "my coffee is the best of the world", without any fear to be contradicted, you'd better to ask us for information and we'll be happy to show you all the most interesting offers for you. But above all: the right image and the best taste of the greatest quality in order to be the number one, beginning from your coffee.