After extensive research in the field, Jamaica Coffee Corporation Srl has chosen nine varieties of Arabica coffee that are one of a kind, creating the new blend 100% ARABICA SPECIALTY COFFEE.

The nine varieties selected that give life to this new Essence are: Brazil, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Jamaica Blue Mountain, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and Columbia.

The taste and aroma of this fine blend are reminiscent of the fragrances, culture and traditions of distant lands, where the sun colours and ripens the fine drupes of these coffees.

100% Arabica

A meticulous control of the quality, blending and roasting by the three Coffee roasters guarantee the perfection of this blend when it comes to its taste and appearance.

The qualitative analysis and certification are conducted and provided by DNA ANALYTICA of the University of Trieste.

These coffees come from the highest peaks of the Caribbean, Central America and Ethiopia, where the territorial and climatic conditions are ideal for producing high-quality coffee.