The balance of taste and aroma of this blend is so remarkable that it is difficult to find room for improving it. This coffee comes very close to perfection both in its appearance and taste.

The blend consists of seven types of premium Arabica coffee 78% and 22% and of Indian gourmet Robusta variety.

The coffee is packaged in a stylish 3Kg tin can sealed in a protected atmosphere.


A meticulous control of the quality, blending and roasting by the three Coffee roasters guarantee the perfection of this blend when it comes to its taste and appearance.
The qualitative analysis and certification are conducted and provided by DNA ANALYTICA of the University of Trieste.
Espresso: exceptionally versatile regardless of the extraction method, this coffee gives off hints of berries and raisins that dissolve in traces of crispy nougat, for a fabulously tasting espresso.