l Blue Mountain è da sempre considerato il re di tutti i caffè, capace di dare piacere alle famiglie reali e ai palati più raffinati che cercano…

Blue Mountain has always been considered the King of all coffees, highly appreciated by royalty and by the most refined palates that seek only the best.
But let’s explore where this coffee originates from...
"1887, London. An expert Englishman, when inspecting the Jamaican coffees that were sent to the colonial exhibition, stupefied and enthusiastic, called Jamaica "the land of the best coffee in the world, in particular the area of the Blue Mountains". The mountains are the cradle of Jamaican coffee, a natural spectacle unlike any other in the world because of their topographic, geological and climatic combination. From a narrow coastal plain, the mountains rise-up to meet in the middle of the island, forming a chain that runs from East to West. The Blue Mountains are the highest peaks to the East and reach a height of 7402 ft. (2250 m).
In the heart of the Caribbean amidst an impressive landscape, the weather is always cool and foggy but never cold, with abundant rainfall and well-drained soils. It is the combination of all these elements that produces a coffee of absolute quality, a product so remarkably superior to common standards that a comparison with any other proves impossible.
The coffee comes from the land of Bob Marley. The music, colours and genuineness of the Caribbean nature provide a perfect setting for the ripening season. The wise and meticulous roasting of the Coffee Roaster and my passion for the search for true taste and the true aroma of coffee have led me to further enhance these natural elements.
Originally only the selected beans are certified as Blue Mountain and shipped packed in carefully sealed wooden barrels to prevent the coffee beans from absorbing foreign odours which would change their fragrance.
An exquisite balance of scents of rum, vanilla, cocoa and almond, and a pleasant scent of tobacco.
A cup of this coffee at a bar, restaurant or at home offers the discerning few a tantalising bouquet of scents, flavours and exciting sensations, for a balanced and harmonious sip. This thanks to the roasting and packaging in a protected environment that ensures the product’s integrity, both in disposable sachets and in 250g cans.
Only those who love Beluga caviar, truffles from Alba and a fine Brunello wine know how to appreciate the majesty of this coffee".
Maestro Clemente
100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is sold in a practical dispenser of 15 sachets (8.34 g each) packaged in a protected atmosphere to ensure a top-quality coffee whose perfection is guaranteed over time.