…at the heart of the Blue Mountains.

Many experts agree that Jamaica Blue Mountain is the best coffee in the world. It's the blending of a delicious balance of fragrance, body and bitterness that makes the Jamaica Blue Mountain really special..

The mountains of the Blue Mountains are the birthplace of the Jamaican coffee, a spectacle of nature unique in the world for its topographic, geological and climatic combination: from a close coastal plain rise to meet in the center of the island, forming a chain that crosses it from east to west.

The Blue Mountains are the highest, to the east, and reach 2250 meters. In the heart of the Caribbean, in these amazing places, the climate is always cool and foggy but never cold, the rainfall level is elevated and the soil is well-drained. It is the combination of all of these elements that give birth to an absolute coffee, with a very full and balanced taste, fruity and also with the right acidity, unusually persistent it develops on the palate with a good aftertaste and a hint of chocolate.

In its tasting we find traces of rhum mixed with vanilla, cocoa, almond and even a pleasant scent of tobacco.

Jamaica Blue Mountain is the only coffee in the world to be packed in wooden barrels. This process allows to preserve the characteristics of this distinctive coffee from the external elements that can deteriorate its quality.