Water decaffeinated


Tins gr 250

Ground moka, ground espresso and beans available



Dispenser gr 125 n. 18 single-dose bags of 7 gr

For Espresso machine



Single dose capsules 

Compatible with Lavazza Point and Nespresso


Maestro Clemente's water decaffeinated coffee

Born in 1990 from a deep research, it's one of the "jewels in the crown" of our production. The extraction method of the caffeine adopted by the Swiss Water requires a single use of water and coal filters, making this last one a totally natural process granting an excellent organoleptic profile.

The Swiss water process

The green coffee beans (the non toasted ones) are immerged into water which is super phreatic of components of instant coffee without caffeine, getting the Green Coffee Essence (GCE). The GCE wraps the green coffee beans. When the balance research begins, the caffeine inside the beans starts its transfer into the GCE. The GCE now contains some caffeine, but not for long. This is infact then distilled through coal filters which block the molecules, and then refreshing the GCE. This procedure is repeated non-stop for 10 hours, in the meantime the times, the temperature and the fluctuation are constantly tracked. This process allows to obtain green coffee beans without caffeine at 99.9%.

The toasting has been specifically studied for this product, considered to be a bit more sure to keep the flavours of our blendings.



The 250g tin package of our product grants the handiness and the conservation of the fragrances as it was just toasted.

The same blend of Arabic coffee, decaffeinated with water natural method allows to keep a harmonious fragrance, the fine and sweet taste.

Definitely one of the best decaffeinated.


The same blend of Arabic coffee, decaffeinated with water natural method, packed in easy single-dose bags. Each bag contains 7gr ground coffee in protective atmosphere, packed in dispenser of 18 pieces gr. 125.


Also at home or in the office, as at the café, a cup of water natural decaffeinated by Maestro Clemente packed in single-dose capsules in protective atmosphere. The capsules are compatible with Lavazza Point gr 6,5 (1 box contains n. 100 capsules) and compatibles Nespresso gr 5,6 (1 box contains n. 25 capsules).