Here is our specialty:

From a deep research, Jamaica Coffee Corporation Srl has selected nine types of Arabica coffee unique in the world, creating the new blend 100% ARABICA SPECIALITY COFFEE.

The nine selections that give life to this new Essence are: Brazil, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Jamaica Blue Mountain, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and Colombia.

An accurate quality control, blending and roasting by the Master Roaster, guarantee the perfection of this blend both in taste and in appearance.
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From the Earth to the table

Coffee: when a rite becomes a culture.
Aromas and traditions from faraway lands which today are closer. The roots of this company go down into one of the most fertile soils - that of passion.
This was how Jamaica coffee, in particular for that grown in Jamaica. 
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Jamaica Coffee Corporation Srl is proud to present the Coffee Essence.
The history of this company is deeply rooted in very far lands.
It's born, indeed, from the big love of its founder, for the quality of Arabic and most of all of the Jamaican coffees, which can enjoy the royal families and the most needy experts, who look for the best, whatever the price is.

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